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  • Blueberry Facial Scrub
    Blueberry Facial Scrub
    Freshly picked for your face
    Blueberry Facial Scrub JAR
    Real Blueberry Seeds
    Delicate exfoliation
    Sweet Fruity Scent
    Exfoliate your face naturally!
    Blue bar right
  • Shower Gels
    Orange Bar L
    Orange Bar R
    Shower Gels
    Luxury at your Loofa
    Shower Gels with Amino Acids
    Lather yourself
  • Sweet Summer Set
    Just in time for Summer
    Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Body Butter
    Floral Summer Scent
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Chosen Selection Facial Masque
Best Sellers

Facial Masques

A facial masque for every skin problem

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Chosen Selection Travel Size

Travel Easily

Chosen Selection products are available in travel sizes

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Chosen Selection Clarifying Tea Tree Acne Masque

Clarifying Tea Tree Masque

Treat acne naturally with tea tree and green tea

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